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session reviews

"An energetic, passionate, sophisticated mistress. Lady Daphne Devil shows her passion on shibari from countless practise and studies. The rope tied swiftly around the body, and the vulnerability after - an amazing power exchange. 

A gothic style goddess to worship with wicked laughter yet sensual caring during and after session, gradually push your limits and explore new fantasy."

-Sub K

"It's a nice session today. Thanks. Feeling strongly that Mistress Daphne is indeed a genuine dominatrix.

Her box-tie is sexy, elegant, secure and comfortable. If you're a rope bunny, she wouldn't let you down in a bit. I can be tied by her ropes in this way all day long."


“Goddess Daphne looks super divine and sweet, also with the eyes of a little devil.Couldn't stand my knees for any second more after stepping into the room.

Godess Daphne' laughters were so sincere and teasing, it was wordless but it told me how pathetic and stupid do I look like at that moment.”


-Sub V

“Thank you, Lady Daphne for the very first Shibari session. It is absolutely sensational over the session. Your professionalism, sophisicated Shibari skills, cheerful personalities and charming appearance have made the session extremely memorable.

It has never been easy to identify a Femdom who share the same level of passion and interests in bondage, while well execute the session with a lot of personal care, creativity and enthusiam.

On top of that, the studio is really cosy, coupled with soothing and arousing background music. What a fantasy coming into real life, and I definitely look forward to more sessions in the future.”



“Lady Daphne is an experienced domme.

Mysterious and cheerful, not a typical Gothic type but she is exactly what I like.

It is not a matter of what she did during the session, is how she can conduct the session smoothly and brought out different aspects of it. For example, cruelty, fun and loving, the most important part is sensual and caring which I can really open up myself for Mistress to control me until 100 % belongs to Mistress.

Although this is the first time we met, but definitely we are in sync and ready to explore something wild and extraordinary in the future.

Let's be honest, I am not trying to compete with other subs, but I am confident that we can drill down to the sensual and artistic elements of BDSM and satisfy Lady Daphne.

PS: You have tons of subs but I am definitely the valuable one :p”

-A Sub From Hong Kong


“It was a fantastic session. Different to what we have done before, but it is important to try new things. I was inspired by Lady Daphne´s efforts in creating a perfect session.When your Mistress besides turning you on and sharing your kinks inspires you to do new things, that is when you know you have found someone truly special.  

I know Mistress is that special someone. Thank you Mistress for another unforgettable evening. “


-Sub B.

‘’I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Mistress Daphne, a young dominatrix who exuded a mature and seductive vibe. Her creativity and skill in BDSM activities left me feeling completely satisfied and eager for more.


Once the session began, I was blown away by her creativity and skill. She had clearly put a lot of thought and planning into the session, and every moment was filled with excitement and anticipation. Her use of verbal domination, and sensory deprivation was both thrilling and intense, and I felt completely under her spell.


But what truly set her apart was her ability to read my body language and respond intuitively to my needs. She knew exactly when to push me harder and when to ease up, and her ability to switch between different roles and personas was truly impressive.


Throughout the session, her mature and seductive vibe was palpable. She exuded a confidence and poise that belied her youth, and her beauty and grace only added to her allure. It was clear that she had a deep understanding of the power dynamics at play in BDSM, and her ability to use her charm and sensuality to establish dominance was truly impressive.’’


-Sub J



”Mistress Daphne is not only really a stunning beauty she is also a natural dominant woman. That is for me (and I guess for many) an absolute dreamlike combination. She doesn't have to yell  or even raise her voice to make you submit to her. The first time I served her I immediately sank on my knees and wanted just to be a good slave to her. She is strict and decisive and she makes you feel that is the logical thing. She sometimes giggles in a way that makes you realise that she really enjoys what she's doing while it is not always pleasant for her slave. She's very well educated in bondage and makes sure that it's not only almost an art form she also makes sure it is loaded with excitement and submission in a very special way. She does take into account the wishes of her slave but she doesn't just do what you ask her to do. The more I know her the less I ask her. Just submitting to her and doing as she wants is a great experience.”


-Sub G

"Thank you for the doubles session tonight Lady Daphne. I really enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed Singapore and have a safe trip home. I really appreciated the connecting rope bit we had at the end. That was something very different which I’ve never experienced before but think I really like it. Just lying there, staring and letting whatever happens to me. I didn’t have many reactions but I hope you enjoyed it too.”


-Sub B From Singapore 


"Contemplated for a long while on how to describe the mesmerizing Queen Daphne. Instead of addressing her as a Mistress, Enchantress would be a better word. 

She would have you under her control the moment you look at her. A lady well versed in the art of domination and sadism. Once again it shows domination is more than just simple physical infliction of pain or pointless cursing or cussing. 

Her art of rope is intimate, ceremonial. I found myself to have fully surrendered to her and to be at her mercy."


-Sub L



"I just want to say I had an amazing time. Firstly I was pretty taken aback by how beautiful Lady Daphne are. I know it’s a cliche to say someone looks better than their photos but in your case I was truly stunned by your looks which were amazing. Absolutely love your style, so much attention to detail. It wasn’t lost on me how perfectly coordinated you outfit was and how it suited you so perfectly. Another thing I love was the scent of you. Your hair was amazing your armpits were intoxicating and your feet heavenly. You are amazingly skilled at bondage I would love to try other positions with you because I can imagine they would feel exquisite. I love the way you take your time with the bondage and you are so meticulous. It’s very exciting."


-Sub C

"Miss Daphne is someone who you'll never be able to forget. She carries herself in the highest class, is incredibly thoughtful, meticulous in planning, she is caring, but knows when and how best to be cruel.


My only regret is not spending more time together, as she masterfully left me longing for more. Her skills in rope bondage is impeccable, won't leave lasting marks on the skin, but will leave marks on your mind instead.


I look forward to seeing you again ❤️"


-My Cutest Sub Y


"I've been following you on the twitter for a long time before I took the opportunity of coming to Hong Kong to finally make an appointment for a session. By the first time I saw you and after exchanging pleasantries, I felt that you were so gentle and soft that you didn't even look like a Dom. But shortly after the session started, I realized that you were really devoted, and you seemed to be a gentle lady but with a little bit evil. You bundled me up step by step, and in the middle of the relaxation, you suddenly gagged and blindfolded me and teased my body with your fingers and ice cubes, so that I couldn't control my mind at all. Following the intermittent relaxation was sudden control, making me comfortable and willing to submit more rights to you, completely become your plaything. After the session was over, you were also very willing to have a chat with me. We had a lot of common topics, and I'm also happy to be able to share with you. The whole process is very natural and enjoyable, making me felt that time has passed so fast, I can't get enough of it. I was a bit greedy and still want to continue hahaha, so I'm already looking forward to seeing you again soon."


-Sub L From Shanghai 


"Last night I was lucky enough to share the company of Lady Daphne. On top of being a fun and friendly person in general she was everything I wanted in a domme to serve.

As someone who enjoys power exchange immensely, it was amazing the way she immediately established her dominance in front of everyone, commanding that I always remain below her despite our significant height difference. From my position looking up at her she would regularly assert her dominance with slaps, using me as furniture, all shots of things.

My favourite part was how much she revelled in my humiliation, eagerly reminding me that everyone was watching as I was to degrade myself with dog barks and such.

I could write a long time about all the wonderful specifics of the night but put simply, Lady Daphne is a fantastic domme and the only complaint I have is that I'm now desperate to serve her more but have to wait to see her again."


-Sub A From Japan

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